Hey hey, I’m Jasper Vos! Living my life below water level in the Netherlands, Rotterdam. Engineer by day, long distance runner and software developper during off hours.

The world is being impacted by humans, one of the biggest experiments is to see what happens when we put more CO2 in our earth’s atmosphere. Currently (early 2019) there are wide arrays of innovations, applications and technology to negate this experment. The goal of Vojaz is to make people more rappidly aware of these innovations, applications and tech. This by making a series of small games to convey a short message. A picture is worth a thousend words. A game is worth a whole new insight.

The plan for Vojaz will be:

  • Create as series of small games that are low quality
  • Use the momentum of that series to make a series of small games that are medium quality
  • Use that momentum to make a series of even better quality games
  • All while making software(tools) that support people to make their own independent decisions in regard to finance, tech and innovations.


Social Media

Twitter – Instagram – Youtube


Game and software platforms

itch.io – Game Jolt