Hello to you,


Since de first alpha release a lot has improved. See the full list on the end of the post.

Soon a new 0.1.3 release will be published including one in the PlayStore for Andriod.

The look of the level complete menu can be seen here:

Caterpillar Gameplay 4 - Level complete menu
Caterpillar Gameplay 4 – Level complete menu


That is all for now.  Down here is the long vast list of improvements and progress. More to come next month. Make sure to check out the game at http://gamejolt.com/games/craving-caterpillar/180085.


New in Alpha 0.1.3 (soon released)

  • More clear what the extra challenge is;
  • In levelmenu (show what is completed);
  • In level itself what is completed;
  • Turn color after partly completed, fully;
  • At start of level show additional mission & more info;
  • Show while playing when extra mission is not in reached;
  • Settingsmenu via levelmenu (controls, darknes, size, music);
  • Mouse controls improved;
  • Reset safe file via world menu, at exit;
  • Overview what has been improved of scores (Shine effect gold);
  • Show new world unlocked (how?) After last level previous world;
  • More clear unlocknumer & key that symbols locked;
  • Make walk not go one to far, more clear difference with controls;
  • Better gameover & victory scene;
  • Show level complete and which level you just completed;
  • Effect complete (sparkle whole screen);
  • Gameover effect (turn to black, at room start, with levelnumber);
  • Make level 3-1 switch with another level? Switched level 3-1 with 3-3;
  • Export to playstore? (Last item to do).

New in Alpha 0.1.2 (released)


  • Small hints in first 3 levels + level 2-1.;
  • More clear that different food gives different bonus;
  • +5 (red), +10 (yellow) or +15 (green);
  • Show health is lost every step with red blink ;
  • Working on mobile browser;
  • Colorize selected buttons;
  • Add more keys for entering/pauzing/exiting levels like:
  • P-key, X-key, Esc-key;
  • Make the selection of the menu with mouse not stick to menu item and then get still clicked when you press besides it.;Bugfixes
  • Bug with mouse/touch can’t remove pause/exit screen;New in alpha 0.1.1  (released/ old)


  • More clear what type of controls you can select;Bugfixes
  • Worldunlock correctly on any platform;

Note: Savefile of alpha 0.1.0 still works