Hi you all in this final alpha update.

The new & final alpha update 0.1.3 is available at:

Next time it is going into beta.

Besides the big update (see details below), the gamepage has also been update. See vojaz.com/craving-caterpillar/

Hope you like the new features.


What has been achieved in the latest update:

  • More clear what the extra challenge
    • In levelmenu (show what is completed)
    • In level itself (see style tile)
    • Turn color after partly completed, fully
    • At start of level show additional mission &
    • Show while playing when extra mission is not in reach
  • Settingsmenu via levelmenu 2h (controls, darknes, size, music)
    • Basic settingsmenu
    • Mouse controls
  • Reset safe file via world menu
    • Overview what has been improved of scores (FAT BOLD TEKST?)
    • Shine effect (gold?)
    • Show new world unlocked  (how?) After level 10/16/20 go to world select en open it up there to go to next screen pick?
  • More clear unlocknumer & key that symbols locked
  • Make walk not go one to far, more clear difference with controls
  • Better gameover & victory scene
    • Show level complete and which level you just completed.
    • Effect complete (sparkle whole screen)
    • Gameover effect (turn to black, at room start, with levelnumber)
  • Make level 3-1 switch with another level? Switched level 3-1 with 3-3.
  • Block effects at start level
  • Export to playstore?
    • Ready on 1 andriod phone
    • Ready on playstore interne test
    • Ready on playstore external test