Hallo world. Yet another update while it is a hot 32°C in september. Temperature records are broken.

Back to the game. This is the current status right now:

  • The safesystem is working properly encrypted in Windows & Html5.
  • Four worlds with puzzles are almost ready for puzzle fun.


The things left to do before releasing alpha 1:

  • Putting in “secrets”. Don’t ask;
  • Bonus goal to complete levels with an extra challenge. For the hardcore puzzlers, not for the weak;
  • Improving the option to control by touch. For touchscreen players;
  • Option to play the Html5-version on mobile (canvas gets to big at the moment);
  • Intrologo and game-icon;
  • Release game on gameplatform.

The above points is like 40-48hours off “working”. With the current workspeed of 5-6hours/week it will take max 6 weeks.

Expect a first alpha release the end of october!


Then promised in previous updates, an animated gif: