Hi you all,

After a long radio silence due to moving to a new house it is time for fresh new updates on the game.

The last few months the progres on Craving Caterpillar has gone steadily:

  • Three worlds with balanced levels regards difficulty, replacing the unbalanced levels that were to difficult suddenly after an easy level;
  • A score systems, keeping track of the highscores in things like amount of food left, steps made and time used;
  • World and level select system;
  • Unlock system, unlocking levels with butterflies;
  • Up to three butterflies can be obtained per level. Besides completing a level there is a hidden butterfly and an additional challenge per level. This improves replayability greatly.
  • Level complete menu, showing end results;
  • Tested successfully on Windows, Android and in the browser (html5);
  • Fixed a major bug that made the browser version unplayable. (The caterpillar segments didn’t follow correctly);

Next up is making a save/load system and testing.

If you are interested in playtesting the game let me know via Twitter or look onĀ http://gamejolt.com/games/craving-caterpillar/180085

Have a fun day.