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Starting Vojaz

Motivation This post will be about the reason why I started Vojaz. Gaming  and game making has been hobbies for me for a long time. It are not the only things I love doing, though I will go more in depth in another blog about other hobbies. What really motivates me in making games is…

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Social media upgrade

From today on more social media will be updated with the latest news from Vojaz. New are Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr. Do you use Facebook, Google+ or Tumblr? Like Vojaz on Facebook Give a +1 on Google+ Like Vojaz on Tumblr Stay tuned!

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Caterpillar info part 3 – Cobwebs and Vojaz logo

Caterpillar It has been a busy week. Making good progress on the game. Today I’ll show a newly  added part of  gameplay: cobwebs. The new element here is that you need to try to avoid the cobwebs. It takes a lot  more energy to pass by. Watch out or you get stuck in these webs. Vojaz…

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Site launch

The website of Vojaz is launched! Vojaz has this brand new website vojaz.com. With the latest news, trailers and the games themself. Games will be playable for for Windows, the browser (html5) and Android.

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